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Queerly beloved, we are gathered here to FUCK SHIT UP. We are here to link up, to take up space, to amplify and electrify our energies into a collective power that echoes from coast to coast: WE EXIST, WE RESIST, and WE WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR.


WE'RE A FESTIVAL to celebrate and elevate ourselves, our music and art.   

WFSU DC is an extension of the LA-based Women Fuck Shit Up Fest, entering its fourth year of operation. The WFSU collective uses music and art to bridge communities and raise awareness around social justice issues while aiming to create a community of womxn to hone their power and defy the feminine stereotype of “softness." 


The WFSU DC team is a six person crew of musicians and organizers looking to make space for womxn creatives to celebrate and empower our unique identities and intersections.​

The WFSU DC leadership team is bringing back a few originals from last year - QREW co-founder Danylle Kightlinger, social justice activists Ashley See & Kimmon Williams - and tapping newcomers, Kayla Rydalch and DC's very own twin rockers Rhea and Courtney Tucker, of the band Sheila.  


Together the team makes up an intersectional leadership collective to represent the WFSU brand on the east coast.


The choice of spelling in WOMXN is intentional - to promote the idea that womxn are separate beings capable of living apart from the patriarchal system implied in the word's traditional spelling. 

WFSU DC is an intersectional and inclusive endeavor, prioritizing the amplification of marginalized voices.

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